KME 450W Solar Panels

Electrical Data

Measured at Standard Test Conditions (STC): irradiance of 1000W/m², AM 1.5, and cell temperature 25° C
Peak Power (+5/-3%) Pmax 450 W
Cell Efficiency 22.5 %
Panel Efficiency 20.1 %
Rated Voltage Vmpp 48.6 V
Rated Current Impp 10.29 A
Open Circuit Voltage Voc 59.12 V
Short Circuit Current Isc 10.44 A
Maximum System Voltage UL 1500 V
Temperature Coefficients Power (P) + 0.070%/°C
Voltage (Voc) –176.6mV/K
Current (Isc) 3.5mA/K
NOCT 47° C +/– 2° C
Series Fuse Rating 15 A
Grounding Positive grounding not required

Mechanical Data

Solar Cells 96 SunPower MaxeonTM cells
Front Glass
High-transmission tempered glass with
anti-reflective (AR) coating
Junction Box IP-65 rated with 3 bypass diodes
Dimensions: 50 x 1956 x 1310 mm
Output Cables 1000 mm cables / Multi-Contact (MC4) connectors
Frame Anodized aluminum alloy type 6063 (black)
Weight 41.0 lbs (18.6 kg)