HPS Solar Battery 48V

Mechanical Data

Key Features:
• Sealed construction
• High density paste
• Heavy duty thick grids
• Lead-Calcium-Tin grids
• High porosity microporous glass mat separator
• High separator compression
• ABS case and cover resins
• Pressure regulated safety relief valves
• Brass terminals
• Epoxy terminal seal
• Low self discharge rate at 1% per month
• Low internal resistance
• Tank information
• 10 day plate curing process
• Certifications and industry standards include ISO9001, UL, CE, TUV, DIN, BCI & JIS
• Available in all standard industry sizes and capacities
• Maintenance-free, spill proof, non-hazardous, DOT, IATA, ICAO and IMDG approved as safe for land, air and sea transportation, environmentally friendly
• High capacity and long life
• True deep cycle construction for long life
• Optimum strength, superior corrosion resistance and good deep discharge recovery
• Enhanced electrolyte retention maximizes capacity
• Good contact between electrolyte and plates for better performance
• Rugged construction, shock and vibration resistant
• Safe operation of batteries
• Superior conductivity
• Sealed to prevent acid leakage
• Significantly longer shelf life than conventional wet batteries
• Faster recharge time than conventional wet batteries
• Ensures fully formed, voltage matched plates
• Superior bonding of paste to grids for long life
• Recognized around the world
• Meets all application requirements