About crestock solar

We use only the best solar panels available in the country and all our solar system installations are customer specific and designed around your energy needs.

Save on your electricity bill.

Using the latest technology we ensure our customers receive the highest return on their investment.

Our Expirience

Over the past five years our company has grown from strength to strength to become one of the leading experts in the field of solar power.


We have partnered with leading manufacturers in the industry to ensure that you not only get the best price, but the absolute best in quality.


We are proud to deliver products that meet our client satifaction

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Solar energy, the power to make the difference.

It’s not only cleaner. It saves money!

That’s why more people and businesses are switching to solar each day. Besides helping with the planet, our panels allow users to save on bills, and more importantly, send what they don’t use back to the grid… in exchange for money!