About us


We lead the solar industry with a unique and differentiated business model that allows us to innovate while leveraging.

We are fast becoming the solar energy choice of businesses and homeowners in a wide range of cities and here’s why:

Diversified portfolio of leading residential, commercial and utility solar energy markets

Diversified portfolio of solar module technologies

Proven 8+ experience


A 8+ year history of innovation and integration leadership makes us a trusted and reliable partner. Our time-tested approach provides unprecedented customer experience and value.


As a leading solar industry member, our actions have the potential to save our customers money and help ensure a better world for generations to come.


Customers shouldn’t have to choose between products they can afford and products that are produced in an environmentally responsible way. Sustainability is a part of how we manufacture and sell modules.


Is to deliver the highest value to our shareholders, customers, employees and suppliers. We will achieve this by continuing to deliver environmentally safe and high quality solar products, driving down costs and consistently delivering customer and employee excellence.